Three Cities Renovation

Corner House Conversion


Renovation budget: €100,000 / Actual spend: €97,000

Project Plan: 6 months / Actual Project: 6 months 2 weeks

The client

A local professional seeking a spacious yet elegant home close to Valletta.

The brief

The house was uninhabited for 15 years therefore it needed substantial renovation. Structurally sound on the whole, yet the roof needed reinforcement. The client required a home that was suitable for a single person to live comfortably, yet also have separate living quarters for visiting guests whenever required.

What the project required

• Construction works – reinforcement of existing roof, extension of room on roof to cover stairs to roof; extension of stairs to gain easy access to roof; opening up walls to ease movement and light in the house; construction of mezzanine in wood and steel.

• Plastering and painting throughout the property

• Installation of measures against humidity on ground floor

• Gypsum works

• New plumbing and electricity throughout

• Tiling on roof

• Restoration of original wood apertures

• Installation of wood burning stove

• Carpentry – creation of book shelf railing on mezzanine, creation of cupboards under stairs

3Cities Renovations services for this project included:

• Design of layout of the house to be suitable for client's lifestyle.

• Monitoring budgets and time frames

• Coordination with local authorities for permits

• Liaising with client, architect and contractors, whilst coordinating all concerned parties to ensure a smooth transition from one stage to the next

• Sourcing the most cost-effective solutions for finishings in order to stick to the budget