Three Cities Renovation


Some years ago, I was driving along the Senglea waterfront and I thought, “imagine living in such a beautiful place!” Call it destiny or deja vu, but four years later this would become my hometown.

I have lived in various localities in Malta, each with its own appeal, but Cottonera, as The Three Cities are collectively known, is a place like no other on the island. Its colourful history dates back to Phoenician times and subsequent civilisations that occupied the island have all left their indelible mark here. During WW2, given their strategic location on the Grand Harbour, Senglea and Cospicua were heavily bombed and had to be evacuated. Some of the houses were rebuilt in their original style, while others catered for the needs of the time. Towns that were once the home of the affluent fell into decline.

In the last 15 years the area is experiencing an awakening. The waterfront has been redesigned and is now a marina for luxury yachts. A promenade with stunning views takes you all along the coast. This has brought a new vibe to the area with high-end restaurants and boutique hotels opening their doors to a new generation.

Isabel Warrington